What is a

What is a “company-led nurseries”?

Nursery schools in Japan can be divided into two main categories: “licensed nursery schools” that meet the standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, and “unlicensed nursery schools” that do not meet the standards but offer unique childcare services.
In 2016, the Cabinet Office launched the new “Company-led Childcare Project” with the aim of eliminating childcare waiting lists. As they are under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Office, they provide the same level of childcare as licensed nursery schools but have the flexibility to open on Sundays and holidays, which is difficult for licensed nursery schools, and provide nighttime childcare to suit the working styles of employees.
“Aira Sakura Nursery School” is one of these “company-led nurseries”.
Current status of “Aira”

Current status of

Aira, where the Aira Sakura Nursery School is located, is in the central part of Kagoshima Prefecture at the southern tip of Kyushu.
It is the only city in Kagoshima Prefecture with a growing population due to the government’s efforts to support childcare and convenient transportation.
Consequently, there is a shortage of nursery schools, with more than 200 children waiting for admission to licensed nursery schools.
Connection with the community

Connection with the community

The Wakimoto district in Aira has never had a nursery school, despite its convenient location on the border with Kagoshima.
However, the population of the Wakimoto district is increasing, and the number of children attending Shigetomi Elementary School, a school in the Wakimoto district, is still on the rise.
If a nursery school is built in the Wakimoto area, it will serve as a base for local childcare support and provide childcare for local residents and people working at companies in the area. It will also be convenient for people commuting to Kagoshima.
Our company owns the “Shigetomi club”(old traditional Japanese house “Kominka” )in the Wakimoto area, and we are involved in the environmental conservation of the mountain forests in the Wakimoto area as a related business.
We opened Aira Sakura Nursery School to support the return to work of our company’s employees and to create a comfortable working environment, as well as the aim to contribute to the Wakimoto area, where we have such a strong connection as a company.
What we can do because we are a company-led nurseries

What we can do because we are a company-led nurseries

Aira Sakura Nursery School is open seven days a week from Monday to Sunday,from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
We are committed to helping parents return to work and raise their children while meeting the needs of those who commute outside Aira or work on Sundays and holidays.
We will continue to provide a place where children can live comfortably, as well as provide warm and loving care for each child.
Moreover, as a base for childcare support in the community, we will continue to operate a facility where parents can leave their precious children with peace of mind and where the local community can love them.
Initiatives for SDGs

Initiatives for SDGs

Aira Sakura Nursery School aims to be a facility that is rooted in and works together with the community. We have created a healthy nursery environment for the children by planting a variety of trees on the spacious grounds and using various types of trees around the building.
Thereby, we are working towards the realization of a sustainable society while incorporating the concept of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) into our nursery school operations.
  • Initiatives for SDGs4
    Aira Sakura Nursery School provides a spacious nursery room and garden where children can spend their time in a relaxed or energetic manner, valuing their individuality, and a place to learn through various experiences.
  • Initiatives for SDGs11
    As a base of childcare support in the community, Aira Sakura Nursery School aims to operate a facility that is trusted and loved by everyone in the community, while valuing the relationships with people.
  • Initiatives for SDGs15
    Aira Sakura Nursery School uses an abundant type of trees around its buildings to help prevent global warming. We have also planted trees at the entrance and in the school backyard to create an environment in which children can live in contact with nature.
  • Name
    Aira Sakura Nursery School
  • Address
    585-1 Wakimoto, Aira-shi,
    Kagoshima-ken 899-5651
    TEL:0995-73-8858 Fax:0995-73-8878
  • Age
    57 days old to 2 years old
  • Open
    Monday – Sunday
  • Opening hours
    7am – 8pm
  • Monthly childcare fee
    Employee price: 25,000 yen
    General price: 28,000 yen
  • Childcare operator
    Kosodatesien Niji Co.
  • Contact
    (Office hours: 9:00-17:30 on weekdays)
  • Facility Owner
    Shigetomi Shoji Co.